Touch Points: Emoji, Switzerland, Print

Missing Emojis

MissingEmojiTo engage digital screen addicts to care more about endangered wildlife animals, Shocase member Bruno Calcada and his creative team took away something that’s very dear to consumers—their animal Emojis.

They removed the wildlife Emoji’s from the world’s Unicode Character Database and created posters as a part of the campaign, to get the conversation going. The campaign introduced the hashtag #MISSINGEMOJI and let people talk about it on social media and then made them wait. 72 hours later, on Earth Day, the missing Emojis were brought back and the campaign was introduced to get people to show much much they love animals and to download the WWF Emoji Keyboard, which had wildlife animals with little hearts on them. –Shocase


Hello from Switzerland

Swiss_Feature1_235x172“Good morning!” says a kindly, bearded man in the Swiss countryside. He’s talking through an interactive display at a busy train station and giving free tickets to passersby willing to engage him in a friendly conversation. It’s a way to advertise travel. The video ends with people who take him up on his offer and now enjoy lunch surrounded by scenic mountains, but the story of digitally enabled relationship-marketing is only beginning. –Tom Kaneshige


Power of Print

GeniousAds_Feature2_235x172Imagine a world without interaction, without video or voice, without any digital powers. Let’s say you’re limited to a static canvas and four colors of ink to tell your story. Such limitations might push the boundaries of your creativity. We’re talking about the printed page, of course, and creative artists have been plying their trade on it since the dawn of the printing press. Sure there isn’t anything to learn from old tech? Take a look at this Sharpie print ad.

For more inspiration, check out Canva Design School’s 50 Genius Print Ads With Brilliant Design Techniques. -Tom Kaneshige


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