Touch Points: Tattoos, Cabelas, Lean Cuisine


Admit it, everyone steals glances at tattoos. They’re outlawish and cool. In today’s quest to capture attention, Tourism Authority of Thailand turned its paper flyer into various tattoos in order to create buzz at an international tourism expo. Check out the video above talking up the campaign, courtesy of Shocase, a social network for marketers. Even better, tattoos connect to mobile devices. “With any smartphone, the tattoos could be scanned, and that redirected the user to a series of videos that contained different stories promoting Thailand,” the narrator says. Tom Kaneshige



Every relationship is a personal relationship with an emotional connection. Companies nurturing customer relationships would be wise to remember this. Outdoors retailer Cabelas understands the value of an emotional bond, which is why thousands of Cabelas’ Youtube videos play off an inspirational two-minute video, called It’s In Your Nature Anthem. “There’s absolutely no product pushing,” Jesse Farley, online marketing strategist and SEO manager at Cabelas, said at Share15 in San Francisco last month. –Tom Kaneshige



My weight is not my worth. That’s the somewhat odd message coming from Lean Cuisine in its #WeighThis video campaign, courtesy of Shocase, a social network for marketers. It’s worthy of a Five2ndWindow spotlight because of the video’s emotional appeal and attempt at establishing trust. The company sales pitch, of course, is to lose weight with its products, but the #WeighThis campaign reminds everyone that weight loss isn’t really important. In the digital age, customer relationships come first even if this means undermining your product. Tom Kaneshige

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