pokemon post

In a crazy news cycle dominated by a Presidential election, Brexit and global terrorism, a mobile app game has managed to grab a ton of headlines. Pokémon Go. Maybe you’ve heard of it? For companies, though, Pokémon Go isn’t all fun and games. Here’s a taste of the headlines about the iOS/Android game: “the next big marketing tool for retailers,” “a marketing platform for local businesses,” “a wild opportunity” for marketers, and a disruptor of “marketing as we know it.” Can these headlines be even partially believed? Or is Pokémon Go destined to become another Foursquare or Google Glass? To spare you from having toRead More →

Summer JM post

Summer means kicking back with a mojito (or three) and coasting on your mobile marketing efforts, right? Wrong. The dog days of summer have got nothing on mobile marketing. In 2014, Marketing Land crunched North American smartphone and tablet usage data during July and August vs. the winter months and found that smartphone use was higher during summer months by about 7 percentage points. More recent data from Facebook suggests that summer is a cool time to get mobile consumers’ attention. Last summer, Facebook users posted 26 percent more on mobile devices than they did the rest of the year, with sharing of video contentRead More →

crisis post

Grab a customer’s attention in the five second window, and you’ve got a shot at turning looky-loos into customers. How? With a killer mobile app. Or at least, that’s the thinking for the past few years. But here’s the ice bucket in your face: There’s talk of a “mobile engagement crisis.” And to survive, you may need to rethink your mobile strategy. In a March 2016 blog post, Localytics CEO and co-founder Raj Aggarwal opined that we’re in a mobile-engagement crisis. Whether you agree with this or not, there’s no question it’s harder than ever to engage with customers on mobile these days. Why? Too manyRead More →

will smith post

The lights go on, and a throng of marketers roar as mega-star Will Smith takes the stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He wants them to get up and dance. They do. Then he tells them, through the lyrics of one of his most popular songs, that it’s time to get “jiggy wit it.” Little did Smith know he was talking about a boring-sounding acronym, ABM, or account-based marketing. Smith entertained at this spring’s Marketing Nation Summit in Las Vegas hosted by Marketo (which recently announced it will be acquired by Vista Equity Partners), and ABM was a big theme there. ABM hasRead More →

More mobile marketing tech slideshows: 15 Best Places to Work for Digital Marketers 2016 Salary Guide: Marketing’s Captains, MVPs, Rising Stars, Emerging Roles – And What They Earn 7 Ways Airlines Can Reimagine Their Brand James A. Martin is an award-winning, San Francisco-based journalist. He started covering mobile technology sometime after the Apple Newton bellyflopped but before the PalmPilot went viral. You can reach him at jim@jamesamartin.com.Read More →

angry bots post

“First there were websites, then there were apps. Now, there are bots.” The above statement comes from Kik’s Build Your Bot page, which entices brands to build bots on the Kik messaging app’s chat platform and get teenagers to buy stuff or do things. Facebook also just made a big move into chatbot territory with its Messenger service. And so have other messaging apps, including Slack and Telegram. But is this just marketing hooey? Or will angry bots soon rule the five second window? To find out, I tested two Kik bots and a Facebook Messenger bot. I’ll explain the results in a second. ButRead More →


Millennial guys don’t have much fashion sense. They don’t know what to wear on a first date, first job interview, first day at work, first time at an office party or professional event. Saddled with college debt, they also don’t have the money to pull the trigger on a proven Armani suit. A fashion slip-up can derail a career that’s just starting out. It’s war out there for these workaday newbies. The cavalry, though, is on the way. Now young men only need to reach into their pockets, whip out their iPhones, and fire up Combatant Gentlemen—the mobile app of an ecommerce clothing retailer aimedRead More →

chiefmartec mobile

From a magnifying glass to a cocktail shaker, today’s marketer needs at least five skills to survive and thrive in the complex marketing landscape. At least this is the key takeaway from the MarTech USA conference in San Francisco this month, hosted by Scott Brinker, editor and publisher of the Chiefmartec blog. Here are the five must-have skills for the modern marketer: Magnifying glass: What are you seeing? In his annually updated and highly anticipated martech landscape infographic, Brinker estimates there are now about 3,874 marketing technology products available. That’s up from nearly 2,000 last year and around 1,000 in 2014. Put another way, the numberRead More →

Mobile engage passengers

In most large airports, visitors typically wander around, trying to find their departure gate while hoping to grab something to eat—if the security lines aren’t too long, of course. It’s often a stressful experience, with travelers racing against a ticking clock. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is trying to transform those anxious hours into a more relaxing, positive experience by serving its customers in their five-second windows on mobile devices via an app. Since Orlando is a top family vacation destination, many travelers are “leisure travelers” who lack the experience of, say, business travelers. They often get lost at the large airport, so it makes senseRead More →

Domino's mobile

“We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.” – Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle An order-taking mobile app surely didn’t help Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Domino’s Pizza make a better pie. But along with a famous revamping of its recipe, mobile technology has helped the company build a better overall customer experience, which in turn is helping win over customers and further increase sales. Today, Domino’s customers can place an order in all sorts of ways over various devices: a voice order via the mobile app, a text of a pizza emoji, a tweet with the hashtag #easyorder, over a Samsung Smart TV, inside a Ford carRead More →