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Partygoers at the famed South By Southwest festival last month got to put on virtual reality goggles, step inside a prototype McDonald’s Happy Meal box, and play paintball. This is the latest idea to sprout from McDonald’s mobile initiative, part of a sweeping customer experience transformation that McDonald’s began 18 months ago. Today, McDonald’s is a social and mobile powerhouse, a standard-bearer for digital transformation. McDonald’s is mentioned in social media every 1.5 seconds. Its mobile app has been downloaded 10 million times in the last four months. Despite its success, the real story behind McDonald’s mobile revolution isn’t very exciting. McDonald’s CMO Deborah WahlRead More →

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“Executives launch disruptive initiatives to delight customers with bold moves and innovations. But they often fail to quantify the economic outcomes of differences in customer experiences.” –McKinsey’s Joel Maynes and Alex Rawson At Advocamp in San Francisco this month, marketers gathered to hear about the great migration to customer centricity. Companies like Tesla Motors were held up as marquee examples on how to deliver an awesome customer experience. “Surprise and delight is key to understanding why Tesla works,” says Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive, which hosted the event. In turn, Organ says this leads to “an army of advocates going nuts on social media” praisingRead More →

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When a business buyer goes online, shows interest in a product and wants more information, the marketer uses a dirty trick: If you want information, you’ll have to fill out a form with your email and maybe a phone number. It’s no fun being held to ransom, but marketers don’t care. They need to deliver a quota of leads to sales. Once the lead is handed over, the marketer exits the customer journey, while the buyer braces for an onslaught of pitches. Salespeople aggressively “prospect” and “hunt” customers because they’re measured by the deals they close. If a salesperson converts the buyer, the buyer isRead More →

Revenge Betrayal

Driving around city blocks, you finally find a parking spot, parallel-park, jump out of the car, dig into your pockets, and realize you’re out of quarters to feed the meter—in fact, you only need a single quarter. So you ask a passerby for a quarter, and he offers to sell you a quarter for a dollar. “How many of you would pay?” asks Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, to marketers at Advocamp in San Francisco this month. “Most people would say, ‘I’m not paying a dollar for a quarter.’” What if the passerby instead offered to run five blocks downRead More →

Digital Business Transformation

It’s pretty clear by now that most companies should be on the road to becoming a digital business. But it’s not easy, with only one out of six companies having the right people and skills to make a sweeping digital business transformation, Forrester says. Simply put, companies will seek help from the channel. So it’s no surprise Forrester predicts the global market for digital business transformation services will spike from $21.3 billion last year to $80.7 billion by 2018. For marketers, the holy grail in a digital business is engaging customers and delivering an amazing customer experience during their digital moments, known as the fiveRead More →

  It’s hard to imagine interactive mobile video—better to experience it. So click on this link from a phone or tablet, and you’ll know right away what we’re talking about. Go ahead, we’ll wait. (The video above is the desktop browser version, which isn’t as immersive as the mobile version.) Cool, huh? It’s awesome to have control over what you’re seeing on the screen. Seated in the “slot” position, you’re a virtual pilot who can tilt, pan, swipe and see everything you want, from the fighter planes on the front, left and right to the blue sky above to the landscape below to the co-pilot inRead More →

Winning in the five second window just won’t be possible without customer data driving it. Businesses are finally coming to grips with the critical nature of data, which is why Gartner predicts that 90 percent of large organizations will have a chief data officer within the next three years. Sadly, Gartner also expects half of them to fail. Chief data officers at large companies appeared in significant numbers two years ago, with some 400 people holding the title. Their ranks spiked to 1,000 last year. More will be hired in the coming years. The reason, of course, is that customer data is the key toRead More →

  One of the promotional items advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners presented to National Football League team owners, in hopes of convincing them to let San Francisco host Super Bowl 50, was a small, elegant white box. When the box was opened, a white iPhone inside immediately began playing a video depicting football’s “West Coast Offense,” an innovative style of play conceived by legendary coach Bill Walsh that revolutionized the game, followed by household names of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies. The artistic immediacy of the mobile video, which, essentially, is a five second window, and the powerful message were captivating. “Nothing had everRead More →

Creepiness factor

Are you being creepy? It’s a simple question. At times, line-of-business executives (LOB) can get so focused on winning the customer relationship that they don’t realize they’re coming on too strong. It’s easy enough to do, given the wealth of customer data available to businesses and the cutting-edge technology that lets businesses recklessly retarget customers. In a Forrester brief entitled “Be Cool, Not Creepy,” a survey respondent reveals what it means to be creepy: “When I search for a camera lens and get ads for cameras, it’s not very creepy. When I look for advice on a medical condition and get ads for drugs, it’sRead More →