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In the old days, CIOs put business technology through rigorous testing and due diligence. Any purchases needed their sign off. Today, the CIO might not even be involved in a martech purchase until after it’s been made. So who’s making martech buying decisions? And how? Our survey of over 300 marketers found that 53 percent of entry-level marketers have led a purchase decision within the last three years. More than half of millennials have done the same. A quarter of marketers say the typical martech decision is made by three people; 20 percent involve more than five; and 10 percent, more than 10. Two-thirds ofRead More →

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If the CEO is on board with new marketing tech, it’s a done deal, right? Not so fast. The final decision about a change in technology within an organization often involves many people at all levels of the company. Truth is, most marketing organizations involve a small circle of decision-makers when making decisions about new technology, according to the Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 report, which surveyed 300 marketers about their marketing tech buying processes. More than half (57 percent) say three to five people are typically involved in marketing tech purchasing decisions at their companies. For larger companies, the numbers are evenRead More →

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In 2015, marketers waited in lines all over the country to purchase the newest iPhone and Apple watch for their personal lives. Yet many of these same marketers went to work to complete highly creative projects using significantly outdated technology. At home, they’re using an iPad Air; at work, they’re using the equivalent of an Apple II. In other words, marketing professionals want and need more advanced technology at their jobs, in order to remain happy and productive. But their companies are failing to keep up. Related: 2016 Salary Guide: Marketing’s Captains, MVPs, Rising Stars, Emerging Roles – And What They Earn This is whatRead More →