Discovery Digital Networks, Facebook video

“There’s a much lower attention span on Facebook than YouTube.” -Jen Corbet A master of YouTube videos, Discovery Digital Networks publishes some 20 videos every day through an assortment of video networks that collectively deliver millions of views. The San Francisco-based Internet television and digital cable network company boasts it has web video down to a science and pretty much knows how a video will fare before it’s even uploaded. So when Facebook made strides earlier this year to help people highlight and share videos, in part to compete more fiercely with YouTube, Discovery Digital Networks began licking its chops. Now it could push theRead More →

Missing Emojis To engage digital screen addicts to care more about endangered wildlife animals, Shocase member Bruno Calcada and his creative team took away something that’s very dear to consumers—their animal Emojis. They removed the wildlife Emoji’s from the world’s Unicode Character Database and created posters as a part of the campaign, to get the conversation going. The campaign introduced the hashtag #MISSINGEMOJI and let people talk about it on social media and then made them wait. 72 hours later, on Earth Day, the missing Emojis were brought back and the campaign was introduced to get people to show much much they love animals andRead More →

ChiefMarTec's vendor landscape

“The challenge is at the next level. How do you rethink how marketing should operate, given this landscape of all these fragmented channels, all this new technology and data-driven capability?” -Scott Brinker Marketing technology shows no signs of slowing down. Marketers are under enormous pressure to wield technology and data to win the hearts of customers. Companies know that the customer relationship is the new battleground for business. Vendors continue to flood the market. Everyone seems to be in panic mode trying to survive the day. The marketing tech blogosphere is a virtual explosion of tactical tips that drive incremental value. Yet no one wantsRead More →

In the digital world, marketers own the customer relationship, making them the most important players inside companies. Their salaries reflect the criticality of their roles, with the biggest bump in pay in the interactive and digital positions. You can download The Creative Group’s full 2016 Salary Guide. Also, check out the bonus slide showing the top five skills in demand.Read More →

Digital consumer

We’ve launched Five2ndWindow to help companies take it to the next level in their pursuit of the digital customer relationship. The thinking goes that the one who wins the customer relationship will have successfully captured the customer’s attention and made a great impression in a series of mobile moments—what we’re calling “five second windows”—throughout the customer journey. Moreover, we believe companies need to reengineer their culture, organizational structure and technology stack to do this better than the competition. The rise of the digital consumer has disrupted the way companies compete for and connect with customers. In this new era of deep customer engagement, everyone’s gotRead More →